Elegant Group is an ambitious new company that was established in 2016

and is affiliated to Sfaira (www.sfaira.org), a well-established and innovative construction company headquartered in Greece. Elegant Group is an innovative technical company with its headquarters located in the heart of the city of Sevlievo, in Bulgaria and aspires to provide elegant constructions in a city that can become a vibrant and bustling industrial center.

Building upon years of experience in demanding construction projects in Greece, Marina Zotaki, an architect with experience in Florence and Vasileios Zotakis, an Electrical Engineer with experience in Germany decided to expand their range of activities in the construction sector in the neighboring Bulgaria. Always looking out for opportunities and new visions, Sevlievo seems to be the ideal location for an innovative project to commence with construction of buildings of high value and aesthetics.


The primary field of activities of the company are construction and supervision of building projects, such as villas and complexes of buildings for sale, renovations, repairs as well as supervision of constructions. With a stable and reliable network of associates, besides construction, which is its main scope of activity, Elegant Group is able to offer an integrated set of planning and licensing for almost any use and activity. Other areas of activity include demanding electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering projects including classical automations-PLC and energy and water management techniques as well as relevant studies.

In all its activities, the experienced and trained team uses state of the art technologies, first class electric and mechanical equipment and materials as well as design and construction techniques that guarantee the delivery of impeccable building projects. From the studies department through to the technical projects department and research and development team, a variety of technical agents and experts in their field work towards the completion of complex and large-scale projects.