Our Values

Elegant Group is primarily a construction company whose value system and vision are deeply rooted in its great expertise and years of experience in the fields of building construction and engineering as well as the know-how and energy of its team of experts.

The values informing each step of the company are:

Respect towards the customers and their needs, the human capital of the company and shareholders as well as the environment

Integrity that ensures that the best choices are made so as to deliver final products of the highest possible quality that meet the customers’ needs

Punctuality and Effectiveness of construction guaranteed through our experts’ expertise, know-how and high quality of services

Security as the strictest security standards and conditions are applied during the implementation of the construction project

Innovation through the adoption of latest technologies, innovative design and modern management and the organizational techniques that improve the overall quality of each project we undertake


Our Vision and Strategy

With a successful track record in reliable execution, cost effectiveness and world class technical sophistication in technical infrastructure, industrial and building projects, Elegant Group aims at continuing excellence in dominant areas of the construction industry. These areas and activities include construction of complex houses and buildings, promotion of green technologies and green buildings, use of renewable energy sources, energy conservation and water management techniques.

We are committed to differentiating ourselves by continuously increasing our expertise in our fields of activity while maintaining a highly selective risk management process for every new project and venture.

Our success will always come from our people, shareholders and local community who are the driving force for innovation, continuous development and operation at the highest levels of safety, quality and green solutions.

Through strategic investment in new technologies and human resources, Elegant Group will continue to grow and increase profitability, bringing benefits for partners, employees, shareholders, local community and the environment.